5 Cool Facts About Babies You Probably Didn't Know

1.) Newborns don't actually cry tears 

We all thought that newborns would shed tears since they do cry when born but they actually don't. Its noted that about the age of three weeks the newborn starts to shed tears and continue to wake you up from your sleep but we still love them.

2.) Babies have no kneecaps

You would think that babies had kneecaps especially for durability when crawling. Their knees might have the illusion of kneecaps but they don't actually grow until around 6 months.

3.) Heavy Baby!

Your baby will triple in weight by the end of the first year. No need to worry let your baby get as juicy as they want to be.

4.) While pregnant the baby eats before you.

Your baby gets all the nutrients before the mother just like when they are born. The nutrients pass through the umbilical cord and leaves the mother whatever is left.

5.) Gender Relies On Sperm

The male sperm carries either the X or Y gene that determines gender. Any other tales on position, time of day, diet, and others are just myths. We all hear different things about how to determine the sex of our baby but we should just be happy that they are healthy.