When will my baby start dancing?

  Would you love for your baby to have some smooth dance moves? We can give you a few tips that will have your baby up and moving in no time. Lets focus on the big picture our babies love to learn and have fun.

  Music is fun because honestly we all love some type of music and our kids will soon catch on and start to vibe with us. How can we get them up and moving? When you see your little one start to groove we want to dance along with them, we can give them some of our moves because they will start to do what they see us doing.

  When we dance along with our kids we give them confidence and show them that you agree with them dancing. Listening to music helps your little one express themselves creatively.

  At around 14 months you will start to see your little one build a package of various moves that you have never seen before. They are the most creative before they have others telling them what they can or cant accomplish.

  Let your child be free and expressive by turning on the tunes everyday and dance together. In no time your little one will be making all the right moves. Make sure you record the moves and save them from when they get older.