10 Cool Facts About Pregnancy You Should Know

Fact #1

  • Once you enter your 2nd half of pregnancy your baby starts to urinate inside of you. (about a liter a day)
  • Does it gross you out knowing your little one is drinking there urine?

Fact #2

  • Do you know if you are overweight and tall that you have a greater chance of carrying twins.

Fact #3

  • Your uterus stretches about 500 times its normal size through the course of your pregnancy.
  • Do you know your uterus starts out the size of a peach to around the size of a medium watermelon.

Fact #4

  • During pregnancy your foot can grow one full shoe size, because of the extra fluid and water retention.

Fact #5

  • Pregnant women have heightened sense of smell. This is your body’s way keeping you away from food thats bad for the baby.


  • Due to the hormone called relaxin pregnant women are more prone to broken bones. This hormone will soften your joints so its easier for your hips and pelvis to open up for birth.


  • Do you know that scientists have documented the father of the child will also gain weight during pregnancy.  Sharing pregnancy symptoms with daddy is common.


  • Did you know the only natural induction method is nipple stimulation, it is scientifically proven.


  • Is pregnancy brain a real thing? YES! in fact pregnant women have less oxygen in their blood, which is the cause of forgetfulness aka “pregnancy brain”


  • About 90% of pregnant women experience a change in skin tone during pregnancy.