Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Please Avoid!


  • Avoid food that are high in mercury like shark and swordfish. Also avoid undercooked meats and soft/unpasteurized cheese.

Pregnant with cats?

  • Do not change the litter box.
  • Your cats litter box can have toxoplasmosis. This infection is usually found in cats and birds. Since pregnant women are prone to infection this should be avoided.

Stay Cool

  • High temperatures can raise the baby’s temp to dangerous levels. Avoid sauna’s, hot tubs, electric blankets, bed heaters.
  • When in hot weather drink plenty of water.

Avoid drinking unfiltered water (tap water)

  • Filtering your tap water can reduce harmful contaminants to your baby.
  • Try Alkaline water which is extremely safe for your baby.



  • Avoid stress, it is not healthy for the baby, if you stress your baby will stress and it may lead to birth defects.
  • Try natural relaxing tips that can help minimize your stress.
  • Light yoga and meditation is a great way to relieve stress and will help with your breathing.

Injectables or Botox

  • Lip fillers and skin injectables are best to avoid while pregnant. No studies have proven that they are safe during pregnancy.

Everyday Chemicals

  • During pregnancy you should “play it safe” avoid food and products that may contain chemicals such as bisphenol A and phthalates, which are not good for the baby.

A Happy, Healthy mom results in a very healthy birth and allows your baby to develop correctly.