4 Ways To Increase Good Behavior In Your Toddler

We all deal with bad behavior from our toddlers and its our job to teach them how to behave. They have very imaginative and growing minds that need to be nurtured on a daily basis especially for at home parents.

Today we will start with 4 awesome ways to gradually increase good behavior from your Toddler.

- When They Are Screaming We Should Practice Patience


Being patient when your child is constantly crying and or screaming is by far the most challenging thing I have ever done (LOL) but with practice I was able to pull it off. Marli and I practice counting from 1-10 and we do breathing exercises together. We practice every time she cant have her way and starts to have a tantrum, and she has honestly made a ton of progress.

- Praise Your Child When They Are Behaving

Make your baby feel like they are accomplishing something when they do good or else they will never know. Remember its natural for your child to do what they want. They have only been alive for a few years, babies be like WHAT ARE RULES AGAIN? So lets be great parents and differentiate the good from bad behavior in a productive way.

- Steal Their Attention By Changing The Subject To Something Fun

When Marli is having a Princess moment I try and quickly change the subject to her favorite toy or television show. This method has been a blessing because Marli loves her shows! She wants to join the conversation like a big girl and it always stops her from whatever she was crying about at that particular moment. I mention that big girls don't cry they try to find solutions, they try to fix the problem. (YES WE PRACTICE BIG WORDS! LOL) Mom give this method a try.

- Pick a Time-Out Spot

We dread disciplining our kids because they are so cute and cuddly, but if we don't demand respect they simply wont give any. I found an awesome spot in my living room designated for time outs. Marli hates going into her time out spot but she loves to run across the top of my couch. I had to put my foot down or she would be bossing me around! SMH..... So Mom just find a good spot that your child most likely hates and designate that as the time out spot. Trust me it works for about 2 hours then you may have to rinse and repeat.




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