6 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe around the Dog


1.) Easy Training 

The proper training of your dog is the first option on the list today for Baby Safety. I understand that you may feel like training a dog and raising a small baby is quite difficult. While it does take some effort there is always a great chance of success. Our babies are very important to us and we have to make sure they are always in good hands. We have learned that mothers who use Verbal Training in combination with a Training Device increased their success rate up to about 90% within the first two months. We will suggest the device that we have seen to get the best results so that you can duplicate the process.


2.) Keeping The House Disinfected

Our pets are very active and they love to play outdoors. As parents we can make sure our homes stays free of bacteria and that our dogs are free from germs. Simple disinfectant spray can contribute to a safer environment for the little one. Also using common house hold cleaners to mop the floor regularly and keeping good circulation in your home will keep things in order. Practicing these techniques can help keep your baby, dog and yourself safe from sickness.


3.) Continue Clipping Their Nails Often 

Dogs can quickly develop long nails that can harm the baby but we will prevent this from happening. Your beautiful baby needs to be farm away from harm. Routine clippings every two weeks should help this situation, but you are welcome to clip the nails prior to two weeks. Walks and common activity may help your pets' nails shorten which can always come in handy. Over time your pup will get familiar with the regular clippings and no longer resist if you get a struggle at first.


4.) Let the Baby Interact with the Dog To Build a Bond

The bond between the baby and dog can be a very loving and caring relationship. Many homes across the world will have a family pet and commonly a dog is the pet. The bond building process can happen naturally especially if the baby and dog are both young. They learn how to act around each other and soon build trust. Remember that if you own a dog that loves your baby then they will only look to protect the little one.

 Train Your Dog Today! 

5.) Preparing Your Dog for their new lifestyle with the Baby

When the baby is small your dog should be trained enough to quiet down at the right times. The baby is going to need their sleep and we need our pet to cooperate. Your baby will definitely have toys and it's important that your dog is aware that these are for the baby only.  


6.) Help your baby learn to Respect the Dog

 Your little one must understand that the dog has feelings and it isn't nice to be mean to the puppy. We all know that our kids can get a bit ruff at times just like the puppy. Your baby understanding when and where to touch and play with the puppy is very important. The dog should not be bothered when they are eating and the baby should not play with their toys.