Feeling Lonely & Bored Mom: 3 Tips To Reset and Get Energized

Today we will keep it short and to the point but packed with information. Moms go through a lot that people may not understand. We start off hoping that things will be fruitful, delightful and magical. things have been pretty good but sometimes a mom just needs a quick moment to gather her thoughts, and just relax. We are called upon at all times, which is an incredible feeling but sometimes we seem to forget that we are human. Super Mom is my first name not my nickname.

  1. Journaling

I know what you're thinking  this can't be the answer to my problems. That statement is very confusing now that I have taken action. I understand that sometimes the simple things that we do can give us the opportunity to speak our minds and just let it out. We don't normally want to drown our spouses  with our concerns or complaints, they probably get enough of that already.


So to be considerate and effective I would like for you to get a nice  notebook and a nice pen. Purchase something that you would love to pick up, hold and use on a daily basis. Now I will share with you a daily workout that you can do with the pen.

  • 30 minute sessions DAILY

  • Let out all of your emotions positive and negative

  • Say what you're thankful for

  • Build a strategy to fix the issues you may have while parenting

  • If we don't document, we can't find happiness

  • Tell what's wrong

  • Tell what makes you happy

  • Write down what you want & take action daily

  1. Eating Habits

Mom what are you eating, what are you consuming?  Do you have a high sugar diet, do you eat a lot of starch and gluten?  are you working and out taking care of yourself physically? all of these things coming to play because if you are eating bad it would most definitely affect your mood and emotions. if you are eating bad you will definitely have mood swings and create more problems while intensifying your current problems. You have to get a clear mind Mom get more active and eat healthier.


  1. Join A Local MeetUp for Moms

You can't find a long list of meetups in your local area at meetup.com. There are many moms who go through similar obstacles as you. We are working to build a community of moms so that we can help each other out in difficult times or we can share our happy times with each other.  look forward to us building a positive Community for stay-at-home moms so that we can all grow and be happy. Having someone to talk to can make a big difference in a mom feeling lonely and board.



We have much more to come but mom take these exercises seriously so that you can see a relief and involving spouse.

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