Ways to Prevent, Stop & Treat Postpartum Depression

The months prior to giving birth should be some of the most rewarding and exciting times of a mothers’ life but more than 80% of moms suffer from Postpartum Depression. Although the percentage is high we still have some mom’s who can steer clear of dreadful Postpartum.

The problem most mothers face is the fact that their lives are completely altered and they start to feel anxiety and become overwhelmed but there is good news. I was able to snap out of my depression rather quickly, so I compiled the 3 best solutions that helped me become successful at defeating Postpartum.

Solution #1

The first and most important step is your mindset, and you must be aware that your hormones will be all over the place. Mothers have the strange tendency to try to use their SUPERWOMAN capes at the strangest times. Lets be honest after pregnancy mom you need to learn to “CHILL OUT”, yes was the start for me just relaxing. You can try breathing, or soaking in the tub, or meditating to cope with the stresses and challenges of early motherhood.

Solution #2

This is a big one right here, but it is very simple, what is it you ask? Mom you must try your best to ‘SLEEP WHEN THE BABY SLEEPS”. It sounds very simple but I tried to make every excuse to get the laundry done or wash the dishes etc, but all it did was exhaust me more. As a new mother you should reach out for help and you would be surprised at all the help you will receive especially in the beginning. Try your best to rest mom and regain your energy so that you can have the strength and not get frustrated with the responsibilities of being a mother.

Solution #3

My last solution is for those moms who are willing to completely shred their day to day schedules and live life on the terms of their baby. This is the most important thing that a mom can do because having a newborn is a 24/7 job in the beginning. Accepting this fact can keep you from simply going crazy because you have a different mindset when it comes to your day to day actions. Try your best to “GO WITH THE FLOW” and you will find that anxiety and stress seems to evaporate.

Take the time to relax mom and get some help if at all possible because beating Postpartum is part mental and part physical. Get plenty of rest, water, natural vegetables and exercise which will help you feel better and relieve the tension in your body.