New Premium Silicone Baby Bibs Set of 2

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We would like to help you prepare for any spill or splatter. 

My 2 Year old really knows how to sit and eat like a big girl when she is willing to cooperate. There are those times where she wants to paint on the table with her food! I couldn't keep those meatballs off of the carpet.

Her traditional bib only protected her shirt SOMETIMES! I would find myself on my hands and knees cleaning red sauce out of the carpet.

In this particular situation I needed something that would help to catch the falling food and save me some time and money.

Easy to rinse off and the Bib is “DISH WASHER SAFE”, which is very convent for you Mom.

Our Silicone Spill Free Bib will help prevent messy spills, and your baby will catch their falling food and have the chance to recover.


Safe and BPA Free

Catches falling food while Baby is eating

Easy To Store due to the Flexibility ( Easy To Fold )

A Pleasure for your Baby To Wear ( Very Soft )


Mom our Baby Bib is sure to be dependable and reusable long after first use. Our Bib is built to be harmless and very child friendly.